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MHP Online Coaching


Calling All Athletes Hungry for Progress!

I was there myself, I always felt like my athleticism was the major factor holding me back. All I wanted was to develop the speed and explosiveness that would allow me to express my skills to their max.

That struggle lead me here, with the methods and keys that will help you unlock the next level of your own performance.

The programming you will receive is far from a generic template, as your sport, the season you're in, your training history, injury history, and personal goals all play a vital role in the decisions I make in your program.

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A Platform That Makes it Easy

Once all the important information is collected, everything is delivered via TrainHeroic - an app that places everything you need right on your phone.

You'll receive weekly programs that cover all your bases of strength, speed, plyometrics, mobility, and recovery (as needed). Built in demo videos alongside detailed write-ups of what I'm looking for will be found on each exercise.

You also receive as much contact and coaching as you like. You're encouraged to send videos of you performing challenging exercises so I can provide feedback on your form, and questions are always welcomed.

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