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Choose your training plan

  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    • Delivered via TrainHeroic app
    • Demo videos and detailed write-ups
    • Tailored to your in-season/off-season schedule
    • Messaging support
  • Team Programming

    Every month
    • Speed, strength, conditioning, mobility, etc
    • Demo videos and detailed write-ups
    • Tailored to game schedule & time of year
    • Messaging support for both coaches & players
    • Delivered via TrainHeroic app, direct to each player's phone
  • Team Sport Science

    Every month
    • Data processing (player readiness questionnaires, RPE, etc.)
    • Can incorporate GPS or heart rate data where available
    • <24hr communication when red flags arise
    • Weekly reports to help you understand the status of the team
    • Weekly calls as needed to answer questions, provide guidance
    • Unlimited email support
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