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10 week, 2x/week full-spectrum athletic development that will enhance your weaknesses and fine tune your strengths. Show up this fall a better athlete, and you'll get a complete report on your pre- and post-training performance measures to prove it.


This program is designed to improve all the athletic qualities required to dominate your sport. We will train speed, agility, strength, explosiveness, mobility, and conditioning. To do so, each workout will follow this format:

  1. Warm up & mobility

  2. Speed, agility, and plyometrics

  3. Strength

  4. Conditioning

  5. Cool down & mobility

At the beginning of the program we will perform tests for speed & agility (using the Jawku timing system), full body explosiveness, strength, and conditioning. At the conclusion of the program, all these measures will be tested again and put into a report so you can see the progress you've made.

Training will take place in the afternoon outdoors at a TBD location in Hamilton (my current choice is Churchill Park, but this is subject to change) in groups of 3-5. We will start training June 22nd and will continue 2x/week until the end of August for a total of 10 weeks.

This program will cost $100 biweekly ($500 total over the 10 weeks of the program). All participants are expected to complete the program in full unless notice is given during sign up. After all, the benefits come from the accumulation of weeks and months of intelligent training, not from any individual workout.

Sign Up Form (Reserves your spot)

No payment required until the beginning of the program.

Thanks! I'll be in contact soon.

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