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Two issues I see on countless occasions:

  1. Not knowing what to do before practice or games to prepare effectively and avoid injuries.

  2. Not knowing how to prioritize for specific problem areas that inevitably arise in order to make meaningful progress over time.

I created these prehab cards precisely for these two reasons. At first they were made just to place in the facilities I'm working in, but now they are available to you.


I took the most common problem areas (hips, knees, ankles, back, and shoulders) and created a routine for each that targets:

  • Soft tissue release

  • Flexibility/mobility

  • Strengthing/activating relevant tissues

All with the bigger goal of making you feel your best for the session and to make these common problem areas more resilient over time.


As the athlete, you can simply select the card for the area (or areas) that are the biggest problem on that day, or you can stick to the general full-body card that hits all the biggest rocks.


Grab these prehab cards today so you never have to guess again about what to do prior to training!


I have these cards printed and laminated so athletes can come and grab the one they need. You are encouraged to print these out for easy access as well, but you also have the option of keeping the digital PDF on your phone or tablet for quick access.

Pre-Training Prep/Prehab Cards (general, hips, knees, ankles, back, shoulder)

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