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In-season is a pivotal time for an athlete's development - more so the younger the athlete - since it commands so much of the year and because playing your sport will actually de-train some of it's most important qualities like speed, elasticity, and strength.


At the highest level of sport, every part of the training process is carefully planned around the weekly schedule to maximize how fresh the athletes are on game day, while getting the most amount of development possible. This book's goal is to put that level of detail into your hands as the athlete.


You will be guided through the process of planning the theme of each day, and given a program for each day that includes strength, speed, plyos, and the types of skill training you can do on your own. You'll follow a pro-level weekly structure that uses daily undulation to alternate between styles of sessions so you're always getting the most from each day.


It's your complete roadmap on everything you need to know throughout your season.


The off-court work is presented in 3 stages:

  • Minimal effective dose: The minimal work you can do to make progress.
  • Suggested: What I recommend including in the workout if time allows.
  • Extra: If you're really looking to push the pace, there's more you can do without conflicting with the following days.


The on-court work will show you how to match the intensities and volumes in your individual skill sessions so they match the loading strategy of the day. This will give you the same result of keeping you fresh and sharp for game day.


Get started today to grab this advantage over your competition!

Maximizing In-Season Development for Basketball

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