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Achieve the perfect (and elusive) combination of reduced injury rates and increased performance with this easy-to-use load management system. This isn't about always about doing less, but doing more at the right times and planned the right ways.


After spending over a year working with high level player load data at the professional level, I realized how important this level of load management was and how it could be simplified into something accessable to everyone while still providing most of the benefits.


Instead of spending thousands on expensive load trackers and countless hours entering and analysing numbers, all you need to track is practice duration and the intensity as rated by the players (RPE/Rate of Perceived Exertion on a 1-10 scale).


In return you get:

  • Insights into the acute:chronic workload ratio, which gives you a snapshot of how much the team is doing versus how much they are accustomed to and tells you if the team's workload is increasing at a safe rate.
  • Feedback on volume and instensity for the day, which automates suggestions for how to plan the following practice for optimal recovery and performance.
  • Trends in daily and weekly load.


This system also includes:

  • Intro to load management presentation (also linked above)
  • Video walkthrough of the whole system
  • Weekly planner sheet
  • Daily training load printout
  • RPE scale printout


I truly believe this is a game-changer from the youth level all the way up to the college programs that can't effort the much more expensive sport science systems. By implementing this with your team you'll be doing your part to protect your athletes from workload-related injuries (most chronic injuries like tendinitis) and to provide the optimal environment to get the most from your team each day.

Basketball Load Management System

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