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*Note: Not available for purchase yet*


The Ankle Dome is an iteration on the earlier version which now provides both a smoother transition into inversion/eversion, while also allowing more extreme positions if desired - providing more room for progression without having to switch to a different size. Allowing the foot to move into these positions under the weight of your body (in a controlled fashion) will strengthen the muscles around your foot and ankle in a way that is very hard to do any other way.


Recommended use:

Simply rock side to side, bringing the inside of the rocker to the floor, then the outside of the rocker. Once you can comfortably move through your full range of motion, these can be progressed by holding added weight to continue to overload and progress the movement.


The foot & ankle are literally the foundation to every athletic movement you do. Not only do you want a strong base that can move and provide stability in a variety of positions, but you also want to do what you can to prevent an injury from occuring. We can never *prevent* all injuries, but by strengthening these tissues in these positions we can build an ankle that will be more resilient when put in awkward positions. This may help you avoid, or decrease the severity of, a future ankle injury - keeping you on the court or the field longer to do what you love to do.

Ankle Dome

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