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I am very excited to get you started on this journey of enhancing your athleticism and improving your game. You're truly part of a small group of athletes who are willing to seek out the best training and guidance. So many believe that on-court practice alone is enough to reach their goals, while others rely on very basic workout programs found for free online. You are already head and shoulders above most and we haven't even gotten started yet.

You can immediately get started on your 1-week intro program which you can find here, as well as this questionnaire that I will need you to complete as soon as possible. I will be sending you an email within the next 24 hours to schedule a Zoom call for your initial assessment, then your custom program will be ready for you within a few days after completion of the assessment and questionnaire.

Also expect an email from TrueCoach asking you to complete your profile. TrueCoach is an online platform I will be using to program your training. I would encourage you to check out the quick video below to see how the software works and how you will use it once it's set up. Things like uploading videos is completely optional, but I will encourage you to use it if you're unsure about form or technique.

Again, congrats on taking this step. Great accomplishments await.

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